Body Contouring Large Volume Liposuction

Multiple Body Area, Massive Reduction
Notable 3STEP SAFELipo technology!

Safe Suctioning + Fast Recovery + Definite Effect + Aftercare

LaPrin's 3STEP SAFELipo whole body liposuction is safe due to
extraction of selective fat cells and 3STEP SAFELipo technique does not damage
surrounding tissues thereby reducing hemorrhage, bruising, and swelling compared to
other liposuction methods and results in shorter recover time.

Dieting all-year round?
End your diet in one day!

The answer is
Whole Body Liposuction

Why is SAFELipo so special

Liposuction has been known as the most effective way to lose fat in tough areas
that is not easily reduced with exercise or dieting.
However, when the surgery is performed with conventional liposuction method,
patients often go through reoperation because of bumpy skin surface after the surgery.
When this contour deformation occurs, scar tissues in the area
prevents new fat cell growth and aggravates the condition.

SAFELipo addresses such problem as it does not damage tissues from the beginning.
SAFELipo’s fat uniformization prevents lumpy subcutaneous fat formation and
correct existing lumps through reoperation.

  • Safe and Fast

  • Uniform and Smooth

  • Minimal Bruising and Swelling

Before & After

Why LaPrin

We liquefy fat for smooth removal
Fast, safe and smooth
3STEP SAFELipo Liposuction

  • step. 1

    Fat liquefaction for separation

  • step. 2

    Gentle fat extraction

  • step. 3

    Fat uniformization

What's different?

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