Aesthetics Brightening

Clear, transparent skin without blemishes

LaPrin’s Brightening Program

LaPrin’s Brightening Program is equipped with state-of-the-art laser devices and
experienced medical staffs to provide customized treatment for your skin.
Thru various treatments, you can achieve maximum toning effects while minimizing skin damage and postoperative pain.

  • State-of-the-art
    premium pigment
    laser equipment
  • Comprehensive solution
    to improve various kinds of
    pigment disease,
    skin texture and
    skin tone
  • Accurate analysis and
    diagnosis of
    individual’s pigment
    and pores
  • Korea's best stem
    cell skin treatment
    with best aftercare

Recommended for

  • If you have refractory pigment diseases such as refractory blemishes and spots such as milk coffee
  • If you want to treat epidermal pigmentary disorders such as blemishes and freckles
  • If you want to treat dermal pigment disorders such as melanin nevus and ota nevus
  • If you want to remove semi-permanent makeup or permanent tattoos

Gentle Max + QX MAX
Power Brightening

Secrets to Celebrity Skin! Premium Whitening

Gentle Max

It is a third-generation laser treatment that makes skin clear, clean and
firm by improving blemishes, freckles, skin tone, elasticity and blood vessels.
Unlike IPL, it has a high absorption rate for pigmented lesions,
so it is not only excellent for pigmented diseases
(blemishes, freckles, blemishes), but also can achieve other effects such as
elasticity enhancement, pore reduction, wrinkle improvement, and hair removal.
It is possible to improve skin elasticity and to treat pigments due to
vascular diseases at the same time.

QX Max

QX-MAX is a dual wavelength of 1,604nm and 532nm using Q-switch
method. Unlike the conventional lasers that destroys pigments on the epidermis,
QX-MAX can efficiently transfer heat to each layer of epidermis and dermis.

It destroys deep pigmented cells and stimulates collagen-producing fibrous cells,
allowing you to treat pigmented diseases such as blemishes while delivering
whitening, pore treatment, peeling and lifting effects.

  • Benefit. 1

    It is an optimal treatment for difficult to treat pigmentation diseases by selectively destroying melanin pigments.

  • Benefit. 2

    Safe and dynamic cooling system protects the epidermis and prevents any side effects or minimizes recovery period.

  • Benefit. 3

    It can improve skin elasticity and pigmented diseases all at once. It is also effective in difficult pigmented diseases that conventional lasers could not treat.

VP540 + Clear Lifting
Power Brightening

Smart whitening management with tightening and whitening


VPS40 minimizes skin irritation and selectively removes pigments.
It is excellent for shallow pigmented diseases such as freckles and
blemishes and results in minimal pain and scabbing after the procedure.
You can also expect increased elasticity and whitening
due to collagen regeneration.

Clear Lifting

Unlike conventional lifting lasers, high-intensity integrated
shockwave lasers are applied to the surface of the skin
to injure the inner skin to promote collagen production.
It also minimizes pain or discomfort before and after the procedure
and improves wrinkles, elasticity and tightening of the aged skin.

  • Benefit. 1

    Power Clear uses high power method to irradiate the laser to the surface of the skin Improves whitening and elasticity by activating collagen production.

  • Benefit. 2

    Penetrates deep into the dermis without damaging the skin surface Safe and fast collagen remodeling effect.

  • Benefit. 3

    Complex treatment of various skin types with minimal damage and provides whitening, pigmentation, elasticity, blood vessels, and acne treatment.

VP540 + Miracle1927
Speed Brightening

Quick and easy whitening


VPS40 minimizes skin irritation and selectively removes pigments.
It is excellent for shallow pigmented diseases such as freckles and
blemishes and results in minimal pain and scabbing after the procedure.
You can also expect increased elasticity and whitening
due to collagen regeneration.


Unlike conventional laser treatments, Miracle1927 laser is a thermal
stimulator that treats symptoms such as blemishes, blemishes,
and pigmentation faster and more effectively while minimizing
thermal damage on the skin surface. It also acts on skin tissue
to reliably improve pores, scars, skin tone and skin texture.

  • Benefit. 1

    Instantly acts on skin tissue to solve various skin problems such as blemishes, whitening, scar improvement and pore reduction simultaneously.

  • Benefit. 2

    Unnecessary treatments are omitted to shorten treatment period

  • Benefit. 3

    Minimize skin damage, almost no scab, swelling, erythema after the procedure

Smooth Eye

Powerful dark circle laser


SmoothEye is a non-surgical under eye fat placement procedure that
delivers the heat energy of Fotona2 laser to deep skin to promote
collagen production, lift drooping skin under the eyes, and at the same time,
improve skin elasticity and skin tone without damaging skin surface and
surrounding tissues. Each of the four modes have tightening, lifting,
wrinkle treating capability as well as general skin care.
You don’t need to worry about side effects such as hemorrhage
and scars because the laser improves the under eye without any incision

  • Submucosa (smooth mode)

    Applied to the inner mucosa of the eyelid for improved elasticity and wrinkles by promoting collagen production and tissue contraction (Elasticity, wrinkle improvement)

  • Skin Surface (FRAC3 Mode)

    Applied to the skin under the eyes to transfer heat energy as deep as possible, improving skin tone and removing blood vessels (Improve skin tone, remove blood vessels)


  • 1

    Pre-procedure examination
    and analysis

    Accurate measurement of wrinkles,
    pores, pigments, etc. is made using
    3D Antera system and Visia skin analyzer
    of Canfield, USA for scientific analysis of
    skin condition.

  • 2

    Procedure Planning

    Personalized treatment by
    carefully analyzing pigmentation,
    skin tone and color

  • 3

    No anesthesia,
    no pain, and no scabs

    Comfortable due to minimal incision
    and pain, and maximize laser
    irradiation effect in an optimized way
    for each body part

  • 4

    Immediate return to
    daily life after the procedure

    Perfect for busy office workers or
    brides, celebrity & aspirants.

LaPrin system

  • 1 Thorough consultation and
    complete pre-treatment

    With detailed consultation,
    individual's facial condition is diagnosed,
    and detailed design is made

  • 2 Collaboration of
    Dermatology &
    Plastic Surgery Specialists

    Procedure is carried out with collaboration of
    dermatology and plastic surgery specialist based on
    excellent aesthetic sense and abundant experience.

  • 3 Using genuine materials & standard quantity

    Products are genuine and used in standard quantity to
    appropriate parts to maximize the sustainability and
    the treatment effect.

  • 4 Highly Satisfactory Results

    We are proud of the high satisfaction after
    the procedure due to the fast improvement
    of the facial features