Women’s Clinic 3D Labia Minora Sculpturing

Minimize scars! All types are possible!

Aesthetic and functional abnormalities are
improved in just one operation

3D Labia Minora Sculpturing

Labiaplasty should not only reduce the size of the labia minora
but should carefully consider various factors such as the connection with the surrounding wrinkles,
overall shape, thickness and length of the band in the labia minora,
as well as the degree of skin pigmentation.

At LaPrin, a skillful and experienced gynecologist will operate using cutting-edge
Vesalius surgical device which allows immediate hemostasis after incision along with
microplastic suture thread for minimizing scars and pain for fast recovery.

Careful design and systematic
surgery by female labiaplasty specialists

Ideal labia minora shape
with overall balance in consideration

Aesthetic and functional abnormalities are
improved in just one operation

Fast recovery with minimal pain,
swelling and scarring

Types of labia minora

  • Labia minora hypertrophy

  • Labia minora attached to upper crease

  • Twisted labia minora due to strong band

  • Asymmetric labia minora

Incision through a Vesalius resonance oscillator is characterized by using frequency spectrum that
causes only a minimal thermal increase (about 65 degrees Celsius).
This causes minimal tissue damage and results in a remarkably short recovery time
due to no bleeding throughout the surgery.

Conventional labiaplasty VS 3D Labia minora sculpturing


LaPrin system

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    Sterile Air Shower System for Safe Procedure

  • Experienced OB-GYN

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    many years of experience

  • 1:1 system

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    through consultation, treatment and management.

  • State-of-the-art
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