LaPrin Story

Become a princess at LaPrin!

LaPrin is an abbreviation of “LIKE A PRINCESS”
It is a subsidiary of Korea’s leading beauty medical group with 20 years of history,
LaMar Network, directing to become a global beauty medical group.
LaPrin presents unique technology that cannot be followed by anyone
in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery in the areas of face,
nose and other facial features as well as breast augmentation, liposuction, stem cell regeneration
We are leading the development of cosmetic surgery and anti-aging medicine in Korea by introducing and
developing innovative surgical techniques while keeping our promise to provide patients with greatest satisfaction.

We promise you the best results with sincere care
and medical treatments to help you become a true Princess.

  • Patient-oriented
    medical care
    with honesty and

  • Advanced equipment
    and safety system,

  • leading advanced
    medical care in
    global institutions


highest priority on trust, belief,
and safety of patients
creator of sophisticated beauty, LaPrin

LaPrin History

LaPrin History Diagram

LaPrin Safety System

  • Professional anesthesia system

    LaPrin operates on coordinated system
    composed of professional medical staffs
    to minimize the pain and concern of
    anesthesia and provides hospital-level
    emergency response system to respond
    quickly to emergencies that may arise.
    In addition, advanced equipment and
    in-house anesthesiologists for monitoring
    patient's condition in real time.

  • Endoscopic Surgery Team

    Laprin provides a team of professional
    medical endoscopic surgery team with
    sophisticated endoscopic procedures to
    minimize pain and unnecessary bleeding,
    for quick return to daily activities
    The use of advanced endoscopy allows
    for simultaneous removal and
    hemostasis of the procedure site,
    thus minimizing hemorrhage and pain
    and shortening the recovery period.
    Best advantage of endoscopic surgery
    is avoiding unnecessary removal or
    damage to the surrounding tissue.

  • Professional aftercare Team

    LaPrin provides in-house aftercare center
    consisting of professional therapy staffs
    We offer 1: 1 personalized treatment [care,
    management] by professional staffs and
    various systematic aftercare programs.
    It provides personalized program depending
    on procedure and invidividual needs to
    promote fast reduction of swelling and
    bruising for fast return to your daily activities.
    We employ scientific and systematic
    follow-up management using cutting-edge
    aftercare equipment.

  • State-of-the-art virtual diagnostic system

    LaPrin strive to achieve detail and precise
    three-dimensional diagnosis of the operation
    site for precise analysis of the subcutaneous
    fat layer prior to surgical procedures such
    breast augmentation, liposuction,
    and calf molding.

  • Primary care system

    From consultation to the surgery and
    aftercare, we have a direct-care systemin
    which the primary care physicians directly
    participate in the treatment process.
    Participation of professional medical staff
    and dedicated surgical team enables
    safer and more accurate operation.

  • Aseptic clean system

    LaPrin’s aseptic practices in the
    operating room completely blocks the
    entry of fine dust and germs into the air
    and automatic control system maintains
    the optimal temperature and humidity
    in the operating room.

Main Medical Device; Best & Newest Equipment

1 Advanced surgical equipment

cutting-edge surgical incision,
hemostasis device

Incision through a Vesalius resonance oscillator is characterized
by using frequency spectrum that causes only a minimal
thermal increase (about 65 degrees Celsius).
This causes minimal tissue damage and results in a remarkably
short recovery time due to no bleeding throughout the surgery.

2 Advanced Stem Cell Equipment


World-standard, advanced cryogenic system
for perfect stem cell storage

LaPrin’s cryopreservation system is operated in the same way as the laboratories and university hospitals
that functions as cells, tissues, and umbilical cord blood banks for the treatment of incurable diseases.

  • LM2 (Liquefied Nitrogen)

  • Automatic Temperature Cooler

  • Storage Tank (LN2)

Cell counting

LaPrin provides service to allow patients to verify
the effective cell count using medical device
that indicates numerical value for stem cells before storing it

HuriCell™ : Full automatic
stem cell isolator

Fully automatic functioning device for of washing,
refining, stirring and extracting Isolated Cell(SVF)
from autologous fat tissue without any risk of
contamination and maximizes stem cell
engraftment rate.

Smart Prep

Device for extracting stem cell growth factors from blood
and bone marrow to be used for treating various diseases
and cosmetic surgery.


Aseptic Mini-Laboratory for extracting pure fat cells

3 Fat / Advanced Equipment
for breast augmentation

  • Vaser 2 High Def

    Continuous lifting effect with collagen
    stimulation and smooth bodyline!

  • Micro Air

    Minimal tissue damage by micro-vibration
    extraction through 2mm ultra-fine tube

  • Pro Body Matrix

    Ultrasound device for visualization of
    all muscle and fat tissue thicknesses


Advanced 3D simulation equipment from Kenfield, a famous US imaging
manufacturer, enables stereoscopic and scientific analysis of the body
and provides accurate prediction post-surgical outcome.

Breast ultrasound

The state-of-the-art high-resolution ultrasound machine will quickly,
accurately and scientifically diagnose current state of your breast.

Storz Endoscopy

Makes it possible to obtain a wide and accurate view during breast surgery
so that the nerves, muscles, blood vessels, etc.
can be identified clearly for faster and accurate surgery.

Keller Funnel 2

The funnel-shaped Keller Funnel 2 is used to insert the implant gently with minimal force to minimize the likelihood of symptoms such as tissue and nerve damage, unnecessary bleeding, and rotation of the implant.