Facial Contouring - Eye Surgery Upper, Lower Blepharoplasty

Transform your aging and sagging eyelids
to look more natural and younger

Look more natural and energetic

Droopy eyelid surgery not only helps to improve aged or tired looks
but also aims to make it easy to open eyes from functional perspective.

As you get older, elasticity in the skin is lost and eyelid slowly sags down wards
and it can cause eyelashes to poke the eyeballs or trigger congested eyes to cause discomfort in your daily life.
Upper eyelid blepharoplasty will improve such condition and correct your eyeline for sharper and more focused look.

Main reason for gloomy and tired impression, aging looks,
and a strong and frightening appearances are due to aging of lower eyelids.
LaPrin's charming lower eyelid surgery removes excess fat under the eyes and
perform fat relocation to reduce wrinkles under the eyes.

Droopy eyelid surgery
Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty
Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty


  • 1


    Accurate analysis of your eye
    condition through counseling

  • 2


    Adjust the angle of the
    outer corner of the
    eye to find the most ideal shape

  • 3


    Minimal incision made at the
    inside of the conjunctiva to
    create a slit forward

  • 4


    removal of unnecessary skin and
    tissue followed by careful and
    meticulous stitch using
    absorbable suture

  • 5


    clear and vivid looking eyes

If under-eye fat graft is needed

If dark circles appear due to shadows that have been casted by the sunken area under the eyes,
fat grafting can brighten the darken area,
and the expansion of the skin can reduce the appearance of fine lines.

If relocation of fat under the eyes is needed

When excessive fat is built up under the eyes, dark circles can be created,
and sunken part of the lower area may look hollow.
This can be treated by moving the protruding fat downwards and
rearranging it to correct both the protruded part and sunken area.
If the amount of accumulated fat under the eyes is not severe, removal of excessive fat should be sufficient.


Fundamental prevention of hemorrhage, main cause of swelling
The cutting-edge hemostatic surgical equipment for incision

Vesalius microneedle (diameter = 0.055mm) incision in the conjunctiva for dark circles surgery.
You can see that the incision is complete without any hemorrhage.

General laser incision generates high heat (about 250 degrees) to excise and detach the tissue and
coagulate blood vessels to prevent hemorrhage.
However, when the incision is made with such a high heat, the surrounding tissue will be burned,
and there is a great risk of causing inflammation, swelling and postoperative pain, which will lengthen the recovery period.
Laprin uses Vesalisu resonance oscillator which is characterized by a low temperature of about 65 degrees and
a special wavelength to minimize skin tissue damage and hemorrhage during the surgery to
result in a surprisingly short recovery period.
This is the best surgical device for middle-aged people who have concerns about excessive hemorrhage, swelling,
and lengthy recovery time dur to incision surgery.

LaPrin safety system

  • 1 Aseptic air shower system &
    Aseptic operating room

    We own aseptic air shower system,
    which is only available in large hospitals and
    specialized research facilities, to prevent the inflow of germs.
    In addition, Laprin's aseptic practices in the operating room
    completely blocks the entry of fine dust and germs into the air
    and automatic control system maintains the optimal temperature
    and humidity in the operating room.

  • 2 Real-time Monitoring &
    Emergency System

    For safety, patient’s heart rate, breathing, blood pressure,
    body temperature, and other vital signs are
    monitored in real time throughout the surgery.
    State-of-the-art monitoring equipments are available in
    all the operating rooms.
    We are equipped with rescue equipments to
    respond quickly and accurately to any emergencies
    that may occur despite the thorough preoperative screening.

  • 3 Clear-air system

    We own an air purification system to prevent infection
    through germs in the air and to maintain
    a pleasant operating environment.
    We take care to prevent any types of microbial contamination.
    Patient has given consent to post the image below.
    Attentive care is required as surgery can cause side effects
    such as bleeding, inflammation and infection depending
    on the individual.