Facial Contouring - Eye Surgery Dark Circle

Escape from looking dark, gloomy and dull
Brighten your eyes in 3 days

LaPrin’s Under-Eye Bag Relocation

Dark circles caused by the sinking area below the excess fat build up can be treated by
relocating the protruding fat downwards to even out the protrusion and remove hollowed area.
If the amount of under-eye fat accumulation is not large, simple removal of excess fat is proven to be effective.

Difficult surgery,
but distinguished technique!
Dark circle surgery

Teaching Korean Surgeons via Live Surgery

LaPrin’s Dr. Byung Chun, Park is giving lectures and demonstrations on surgical relocation of
under-eye fat using advanced Vesalius medical device.
Conventional laser or ultrasound incision requires a long recovery period due to the risk of burn, pain, edema,
and inflammation in the surrounding tissues, but advanced fat-repositioning using Vesalius shortens
the recovery period to 3 days and reduces pain and swelling.
It is being considered as one of the newest effective technique for
under-eye bag surgery and is being brought to attention among fellow doctors.

Real Story

Dark circles types

Dark circle treatment

If under-eye fat removal is needed

If there is a lot of fat under the eyes,
thickness of the skin becomes thinner and the orbicular muscle under the skin may stand out.
This creates a dark circle and shadows under the eyes

If under-eye fat graft is needed

If dark circles appear due to shadows that have been casted by the sunken area under the eyes,
fat grafting can brighten the darken area,
and the expansion of the skin can reduce the appearance of fine lines.

If relocation of fat under the eyes is needed

When excessive fat is built up under the eyes, dark circles can be created,
and sunken part of the lower area may look hollow.
This can be treated by moving the protruding fat downwards and
rearranging it to correct both the protruded part and sunken area.
If the amount of accumulated fat under the eyes is not severe, removal of excessive fat should be sufficient.

If non-invasive laser treatment is needed

Dark circles can occur if the skin underneath the eye is saggy and wrinkled,
or blood vessels under the eyes are stretched and darkened.
It is possible to treat such case by using Fotona2 laser to irradiate the skin under the eyes to cause
contraction in the tissues and removing blood vessels.
This is the perfect procedure for someone who feels uneasy about having a surgery or if the case is not so severe.

Key Point

Personalized eye shaping
LaPrin’s double eyelid surgery

LaPrin’s double eyelid surgery compensates
for the flaws of conventional surgery, making it possible to
operate on only one side depending to the need
of the individual, to adjust the eyeline post-operative,
or to return to the preoperative state.

It's natural and beautiful –
Quick and easy
create beautiful double eyelids

Compared to conventional incision method,
our latest burial technique and
ScarZero incision technique induces natural adhesion
of levator muscle and attach it firmly using knots
of the thread with no scars left behind.

Personalization from
dedicated team of

The surgery is done by highly qualified medical staffs,
with many years of experience in ophthalmoplasty to
provide you with safe and accurate operation.
The surgery is customized to each patient to
guarantee complete and satisfactory result.

Minimize pain, swelling,
and bruising!
One week, shorter recovery period

By using the cutting-edge Vesalius surgical equipment,
which can make the incision with almost no bleeding,
swelling will disappear in one week and
the natural looking eyes will be formed.

LaPrin safety system

  • 1 Aseptic air shower system &
    Aseptic operating room

    We own aseptic air shower system,
    which is only available in large hospitals and
    specialized research facilities, to prevent the inflow of germs.
    In addition, Laprin's aseptic practices in the operating room
    completely blocks the entry of fine dust and germs into the air
    and automatic control system maintains the optimal temperature
    and humidity in the operating room.

  • 2 Real-time Monitoring &
    Emergency System

    For safety, patient’s heart rate, breathing, blood pressure,
    body temperature, and other vital signs are
    monitored in real time throughout the surgery.
    State-of-the-art monitoring equipments are available in
    all the operating rooms.
    We are equipped with rescue equipments to
    respond quickly and accurately to any emergencies
    that may occur despite the thorough preoperative screening.

  • 3 Clear-air system

    We own an air purification system to prevent infection
    through germs in the air and to maintain
    a pleasant operating environment.
    We take care to prevent any types of microbial contamination.
    Patient has given consent to post the image below.
    Attentive care is required as surgery can cause side effects
    such as bleeding, inflammation and infection depending
    on the individual.