Facial Contouring - Nose Surgery Scar-Free Nasal Ala Reshaping

Scar-Free - Perfect Reshaping of Nasal Tip
Reduction of nasal ala & Relocation Surgery

Scar-Free Correction of Nasal Ala
Easy and definite transition from bulbous tip!

Bulbous tip is caused by various factors such as thick nasal ala, wide nasal cartilage, or flaring nostrils.
When the nasal ala occupies more than 1/5 of the width of the face, tip of the nose can look stumpy
and trapezoidal when viewing from the below and give dull and country-like appearance.

It is important to ensure the reduction of the width of nasal ala and correct reshaping of the nostril
with consideration of contributing factors such as the ratio of the nostril to the entire face
and the structure of the nasal tip. Surgery method should be selected carefully to avoid possible scars.

  • Duration

    approx. 30 min

  • Anesthesia

    General anesthesia

  • Hospitalization


  • Clinic visit

    Return to daily activities after 3~5days

Reduction of Nasal Ala with No Excision

Reduction of Nasal Ala by Type

Depending on the shape of your nose, different surgery method will be appropriate.
LaPrin will help find the most suitable surgery method for you.


Fundamental relocation of nasal ala with no excision
Definite and permanent reduction

Conventional nasal ala reduction methods removed tissues from the ala which often resulted in insignificant reduction.
LaPrin’s proprietary surgical technique avoids making incisions on visible area
and makes 1~2mm incision inside the nostril to detach and relocate the periosteum and ligaments from the nostril.
This results in definite modification compared to conventional method of shrinking nasal ala by
tissue removal and guarantee more evident and permanent reduction by relocating nasal ala inward.

Key Point

Laprin’s Scar-Free Nasal Ala Reshaping with no visible scars

There are various ways of reducing nasal ala with different advantages and disadvantages to each method.
Applying the same surgery unconditionally will not give you a satisfactory result.
You need to accurately analyze and identify the condition of your nose and the part that needs correction
and then select the appropriate surgery method.

Beautifully balanced overall line

LaPrin performs the procedure to
ensure harmonious balance of the
nose with overall facial features.
We create a three-dimensional shape
from any angle by considering both frontal and
lateral views.

Fast and easy procedure
with permanent effects

It is difficult to make an attractive nasal tip
with conventional methods.
LaPrin has studied the anatomy of the nose and
developed a permanent nasal endoscopic procedure to
made it possible to permanently reshape nasal tip.

Personalization from
dedicated team
of specialists with 20 years
of experience

Three-dimensional and prominent nose is
achieved through individual diagnosis and
scientific analysis by experienced medical staff
with 20 years of experience,
We strive to provide you with most complete and
satisfactory results.


Surgery detaches the periosteum and ligament from the nasal ala before proceeding to reshaping to ensure clear reduction
in nostril width (approx. 5~7mm) and to prevent recurrence for long lasting effect.

  • 1


    approx. 1-2 mm micro incision made inside the nostril.
    (no visible scars)

  • 2


    Bone periosteum and ligament detachment

  • 3

    Reduction and Fixation

    Tighten the detached tissues to reduce
    the width of the nostrils by approx. 5 ~ 7mm

Why LaPrin

Q. What are some aftercares to reduce pain and swelling?

People are most worried about pain and lengthy recovery period when considering
rhinoplasty. Pain, swelling, bruising is caused by incision and hemorrhaging during the surgery.
If an experienced surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty performs the surgery quickly with the smallest incision,
the amount of blood loss will naturally decrease.
As a result, pain, swelling, and bruising after the surgery will be minimized and recovery will be much quicker.

Q. Is it possible to have a rhinoplasty with no side-effects?

Side effects can be caused by a variety of factors, but it can be reduced significantly depending
on the surgical procedure and skills of the surgeon.
Rhinoplasty is one of the most delicate surgeries as it involves many nerves and vessels passing through our nose,
but if you have surgery with a trained specialist who has a deep understanding on the anatomy of the nose
with years of surgical experience, safe surgery with no side-effect can be ensured.

Stop making the same looking nose –
Find for the ideal shape and
line that looks best for me!

Avoid making textbook nose shape by defining the most beautiful and
balanced nose shape and line through scientific analysis of overall facial features.

  • 1. Balanced facial
    contour that looks best

    Create an ideal shape and line from any angle
    by considering individual characteristics.

  • 4. Naturalness
    with no awkwardness

    With fundamental prevention of visible scars,
    side-effects or awkwardness from rhinoplasty is
    avoided and nose will look and feel natural.

  • 2. Smaller face and
    younger looking effects

    By adjusting various elements of the nose such
    as the height and the overall length,
    your face can look younger and smaller.

  • 5. Noticeable improvements

    Change fierce or country-like image into more
    sophisticated and softer image by correcting
    your nose quickly and accurately.

  • 3. Distinct
    three-dimensional face

    Create sharp and three-dimensional face by
    correct the central feature of the face, the nose,
    with scientific analysis and systematic surgery plan.

Safe and effective joint surgery
by rhinoplasty specialists

Having a beautiful looking nose is important but any type of rhinoplasty should
always consider functional aspects of the nose which plays important role.
Laprin plans and carries out all surgery under a tightly coordinated system of rhinonplasty specialists
to perfectly shape your nose and satisfy both aesthetic and functional aspects.

Safe and Effective Surgery
by rhinoplasty specialists

  • State-of-the-art
    operating room

    Stolt's endoscope, aseptic operating room and
    aseptic air show system installed in all operating
    rooms for safer and more effective environment.

  • Aesthetics of
    rhinoplasty specialists

    Skillful specialists in rhinoplasty with many years
    of experience in various surgery provides consultation,
    design and surgery for most satisfactory results.

  • 1:1 dedicated anesthesia

    Anesthesiologists will administer and adjust
    anesthesia based on individual for safety and
    monitor patient’s condition throughout the surgery.

  • Personalized Rhinoplasty

    LaPrin will help to reshape your nose to look perfectly
    natural and harmonious to your overall features and looks.

  • Prevent possible side-effects

    Eliminate possibility of post-operative side-effects
    such as capsular contracture, deformation of nose
    or nostril by obtaining clear view of surgery site
    through endoscopy to minimize incision area.

LaPrin safety system

  • 1 Aseptic air shower system &
    Aseptic operating room

    We own aseptic air shower system,
    which is only available in large hospitals and
    specialized research facilities, to prevent the inflow of germs.
    In addition, Laprin's aseptic practices in the operating room
    completely blocks the entry of fine dust and germs into the air
    and automatic control system maintains the optimal temperature
    and humidity in the operating room.

  • 2 Real-time Monitoring &
    Emergency System

    For safety, patient’s heart rate, breathing, blood pressure,
    body temperature, and other vital signs are
    monitored in real time throughout the surgery.
    State-of-the-art monitoring equipments are available in
    all the operating rooms.
    We are equipped with rescue equipments to
    respond quickly and accurately to any emergencies
    that may occur despite the thorough preoperative screening.

  • 3 Clear-air system

    We own an air purification system to prevent infection
    through germs in the air and to maintain
    a pleasant operating environment.
    We take care to prevent any types of microbial contamination.
    Patient has given consent to post the image below.
    Attentive care is required as surgery can cause side effects
    such as bleeding, inflammation and infection depending
    on the individual.