Aesthetics Scar & Pore Treatment

Deep Scars NO! Wide pores OUT!

LaPrin’s Scar & Pore Treatment Program

LaPrin’s Scar & Pore Treatment Program is equipped with advanced laser devices and
experienced medical staffs to provide customized procedures based on skin conditions.
A variety of procedures are available to minimize the damage and pain for treatment of acne scars,
dent scars and widened pores, while maximizing the treatment effect.

  • State-of-the-art
    premium pigment
    laser equipment
  • Comprehensive solution
    to improve various kinds of
    pigment disease,
    skin texture and
    skin tone
  • Accurate analysis and
    diagnosis of
    individual’s pigment
    and pores
  • Korea's best stem
    cell skin treatment
    with best aftercare

Recommended for

  • If you have refractory pigment diseases such as refractory blemishes and spots such as milk coffee
  • If you want to treat epidermal pigmentary disorders such as blemishes and freckles
  • If you want to treat dermal pigment disorders such as melanin nevus and ota nevus
  • If you want to remove semi-permanent makeup or permanent tattoos


Legato is a new concept of skin regeneration equipment using high frequency and ultrasound.
It first creates a small hole on the surface of the skin after triggering a plasma phenomenon using
RF high frequency in the space between the skin using legato needle.
It then applies an effective drug for skin regeneration and penetrates it deep into the skin
using ultrasonic waves to stimulate collagen production.
It is possible to achieve skin tone improvement,
skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction as well as removing scars.


With Fotona, laser penetration depth and treatment intensity can be
adjusted according to the cause, shape, and depth to allow customized treatments.
It is one of the safest lasers for smoothing bumpy skin and improving fine lines and elasticity.


Wrinkles and scars of the dermis is treated by using the plasma that is created when
the strong energy of the PlexR tip instantly contacts the nitrogen in the air.
It can also safely treat sensitive areas such as eyes and mouth without damaging the dermis.
Procedure can also be given on sagging eyelids or scars from double eyelid surgery.


V-beam is a specialized equipment to improve vascular diseases such as
red acne scars, red stretch marks, pigmentation from injuries, etc.
By emitting high power energy in a short time and selectively acting on blood vessels,
V-beam is especially effective in treating red acne scars that will eventually become dented as it progresses.


  • 1

    Pre-procedure examination
    and analysis

    Accurate measurement of wrinkles,
    pores, pigments, etc. is made using
    3D Antera system and Visia skin analyzer
    of Canfield, USA for scientific analysis of
    skin condition.

  • 2

    Procedure Planning

    Based on scientific data,
    the number of treatments
    and process is planned.

  • 3

    No anesthesia,
    no pain, and no scabs

    Procedure is given with minimal pain or scars
    and effect is maximized by applying
    laser irradiation in an optimized way for
    different conditions

  • 4

    Immediate return to
    daily life after the procedure

    Perfect for busy office workers or
    brides, celebrity & aspirants.

LaPrin system

  • 1 Thorough consultation and
    complete pre-treatment

    With detailed consultation,
    individual's facial condition is diagnosed,
    and detailed design is made

  • 2 Collaboration of
    Dermatology &
    Plastic Surgery Specialists

    Procedure is carried out with collaboration of
    dermatology and plastic surgery specialist based on
    excellent aesthetic sense and abundant experience.

  • 3 Using genuine materials & standard quantity

    Products are genuine and used in standard quantity to
    appropriate parts to maximize the sustainability and
    the treatment effect.

  • 4 Highly Satisfactory Results

    We are proud of the high satisfaction after
    the procedure due to the fast improvement
    of the facial features