Body Contouring Sectional Liposuction

Multiple Body Area, Massive Reduction
Notable 3STEP SAFELipo technology!

Arm . Abdominal . Thigh . Hip . Leg
Sectional Liposuction

LaPrin's 3STEP SAFELipo whole body liposuction is safe due to
extraction of selective fat cells and 3STEP SAFELipo technique does not damage
surrounding tissues thereby reducing hemorrhage, bruising, and swelling compared to
other liposuction methods and results in shorter recover time.

Sectional Liposuction

One day + Dramatic + Slim Arm Transformation!

# Real 360 Arm

True 360˚ with inner side liposuction

Normally, 240 ° arm liposuction can make a slender arm, but in some cases,
liposuction of the remaining 120 °, inner side of the arm, may be required.
Normally, liposuction of the inner side is not performed as it often results in uneven surface.
However, LaPrin’s real 360 ° liposuction with 3STEP SAFELipo enables safe and smooth removal of the fat
and reduces complications after the surgery.

Rediscover Your Beautiful Abdomen

Abdominal Liposuction

Removal of abdominal fat is the basic
Perfect rediscovery of waist line + fat rearrangement

Abdomen is one of the easiest body parts to gain weight and it can show
excellent liposuction results after larger volume suctioning.
However, if you do not have a skillful surgeon, your waist line will disappear,
and you may regret having the liposuction.
With 20 years of experience in abdominal liposuction, LaPrin is confident that we’ll give you satisfactory results.

Recreate Beautiful Leg Lines

# LaPrin’s
360º Thigh Liposuction

Smooth and Beautiful Legs,
True 360˚ Thigh Liposuction

It's hard to lose weight in thigh area by exercising as circulation is weak and it rarely uses fat and muscles.
Such areas that are difficult to tone with exercise should be slimmed down with surgical methods.
With 20 years of experience in thigh liposuction, LaPrin is confident to give you satisfactory results.

Wide and Flabby Hip Line

Get Voluminous and Tight Hip Line
# Hip Liposuction

Hip Volume + Lifting
Hip volume and lifting at the same time

Hip liposuction is difficult because it has to improve overall hip and
outer thigh to create a coordinated outline from the lower part of the
upper pelvis to the hips to the outer thigh.
LaPrin performs balanced liposuction with expertise and improves sagging hipline due to aging.

Discover The Secret To Girl Group Leg-Beuty!
3STEP SAFELipo Leg Package

# Calf & Ankle Liposuction

Why Calf & Ankle liposuctions are difficult

Calves have thin single fat layer with skeletal and muscular contours,
and ankle also have small amount of fat and sensitive nerves, making them very difficult to suction.
These areas cannot operated on without long experience and skills.
LaPrin will keep your legs balanced with its expertise.

Why LaPrin

We liquefy fat for smooth removal
Fast, safe and smooth
3STEP SAFELipo Liposuction

  • step. 1

    Fat liquefaction for separation

  • step. 2

    Gentle fat extraction

  • step. 3

    Fat uniformization

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