Aesthetics Lifting

Fast and definite lifting effect!

LaPrin’s Lifting Program

LaPrin’s Lifting Program is equipped with latest laser equipment and
experienced surgeons to provide customized lifting based on skin conditions.
You can experience a variety of procedures that maximize the lifting effect while minimizing skin damage and pain.

  • State-of-the-art
    premium lifting
  • Dermal specialists
    with rich experience
  • Accurate analysis and
    diagnosis of
    skin condition
    such as wrinkles
    and elasticity
  • Korea's best stem
    cell skin treatment
    with best aftercare

Recommended for

  • If you want to improve wrinkles in various areas
  • If you want full face lifting
  • If you want skin tightening
  • If you want a definite lifting effect

New paradigm of lifting Fotona Smile Lifting

Filler is a method to boost volume using injection without any incision and
is one of most effective method when you wish for short recovery period.
LaPrin’s medical staff with expert knowledge fully understands possible side effects and works
hard to give you satisfactory results by using high-ended blunt tips and authentic fillers.
  • Benefit. 1

    Unlike the conventional laser procedure where skin damage was inevitable, there are no incision, pain, or prolonged recovery periods. This premium lifting pulls skin to improve wrinkles naturally.

  • Benefit. 2

    Promotes collagen production deep in the skin naturally without surgery with minimal pain. You can see the dramatic effect with just a single procedure.

  • Benefit. 3

    After the procedure, the depth of wrinkles, sagging pores, hot flashes, pigmentation, etc. are measure and monitored. By irradiating the laser inside the mouth, there won’t be any visible scars.

Double the effect with Power Clear Lifting and Ulthera

Unlike conventional laser treatments, high-intensity integrated shockwave lasers are irradiated
on the skin surface to promote collagen production by injuring the inner skin.
Lifting and high-intensity integrated ultrasonic waves are applied to the SMAS layer,
which causes skin sagging, and the Ulthera, which can be expected to have a strong lifting effect,
is used to double the effect of the conventional Ulthera.
  • Benefit. 1

    Ultrasound heat energy is transmitted to the sma-layer to coagulate and lift sagging skin. Wrinkle improvement is possible without facial elevation.

  • Benefit. 2

    The lifting effect can be achieved by the principle of collagen regeneration using ultrasonic waves, It can be applied delicately to various areas such as forehead, eyes, and nasolabial folds.

  • Benefit. 3

    Since the cause and the shape of wrinkles are different even in the same area, procedure is customized to maximize the complementary effect of ultrasound and laser.

Power lifting to turn back the time! Air Jet Lifting

Air Jet is a powerful lifting procedure
that injects special drugs into the dermis through strong air pressure,
stimulates fibroblasts to promote collagen production,
and improves skin tissue to strengthen skin elasticity.
Treatment through the scalp line can reduce visible scars and pain and improve various wrinkles.
  • Benefit. 1

    Minimal skin irritation and pain By using compressed air during the procedure, pain or irritation can be minimized compared to laser treatments

  • Benefit. 2

    Immediate effect Unlike ultrasonic and high frequency lifting, you can feel the immediate lifting effect from shrinking dermis.

  • Benefit. 3

    Whole face is lifted for a totally balanced lifting as it is applicable to entire face compared to laser or thread lifting which can only be targeted to specific area.



  • 1

    Pre-procedure examination
    and analysis

    Accurate measurement of wrinkles,
    pores, pigments, etc. is made using
    3D Antera system and Visia skin analyzer
    of Canfield, USA for scientific analysis of
    skin condition.

  • 2

    Procedure Planning

    Based on scientific data,
    the number of treatments
    and process is planned.

  • 3

    No anesthesia,
    no pain, and no scabs

    Procedure is given with minimal pain or scars
    and effect is maximized by applying
    laser irradiation in an optimized way for
    different conditions.

  • 4

    Immediate return to
    daily life after the procedure

    Perfect for busy office workers or
    brides, celebrity & aspirants.

LaPrin system

  • 1 Thorough consultation and
    complete pre-treatment

    With detailed consultation,
    individual's facial condition is diagnosed,
    and detailed design is made

  • 2 Collaboration of
    Dermatology &
    Plastic Surgery Specialists

    Procedure is carried out with collaboration of
    dermatology and plastic surgery specialist based on
    excellent aesthetic sense and abundant experience.

  • 3 Using genuine materials & standard quantity

    Products are genuine and used in standard quantity to
    appropriate parts to maximize the sustainability and
    the treatment effect.

  • 4 Highly Satisfactory Results

    We are proud of the high satisfaction after
    the procedure due to the fast improvement
    of the facial features