Facial Contouring - Anti-Aging Nano Fat Grafting

Innovative new technique to create natural beauty
with little swelling and bruising immediate after surgery –

Micro-fat + Nano-fat = Multi-layer injection technique
Newest concept in fat grafting

Micro-fat and nano-fat is extracted using proprietary technique developed by LaPrin
Two different types of fat are injected into different layers of the skin to dramatically increase the rate of engraftment.
Appearance of fine lines and skin elasticity will be improved through stem cell growth factor with this new technique.

Key point is
injection technique

By injecting different types of fat into
epidemis and dermis layer,
engraftment rate is increased for
more volumizing effect!

  • Natural volume

    Graft only necessary amount of fat for
    natural volume immediately after the surgery!

  • Amazing engraftment rate of 80% ~ 90%

    Different types of fat are injected
    into each layer of the skin,
    resulting in remarkable engraftment and retention.

  • Smooth and elastic skin

    Suitable fat is injected uniformly for
    each skin layer for smooth and elastic skin.

  • Short recovery period

    Use ultra-fine cannula tube to delicately deliver
    fat graft to minimize swelling
    and bruising and shorten recovery period

Key Point

Key points of nano-fat grafting

Nano-fat graft is special even from fat collecting method.
Carefully selected fat cells for grafting are extracted using differentiated ultrafine cannula.


Why LaPrin

Laprin’s nano-fat grafting overcomes side effects and
increases engraftment rate

The rate of engraftment and the effect of fat graft can vary greatly depending
on the which type of fat is injected to a particular layer of the skin.
LaPrin developed the new technique of applying micro-fat and nano-fat to different layers of skin by studying
through 10 years of clinical case studies.
This new technique ensures definite improvements in volume,
elasticity and promotes healthy skin cells.

Incredible rate of engraftment to
avoid over injection

Unlike conventional fat grafting,
LaPrin’s nano-fat grafting has a high rate of
80% to 90% successful engraftment.
It is quite different from conventional fat grafting,
which injects excessively large amount of fat and
gives an awkward and
unnatural feeling throughout the recovery period.

Clean and healthy
without wrinkles

LaPrin’s special nano-fat is injected delicately and
uniformly near the surface of the skin,
so you improve not only the volume and
create stereoscopic facial contour,
but also reduce various types of existing wrinkles.
(※ Result of the surgery may vary between individuals)

State-of-the-art facilities
optimized for fat grafting

It is possible to separate almost liquified
nano-fat and graft it, all done in the facility.
LaPrin’s nano-fat grafting aims to
increases the rate of engraftment scientifically
with constant adoption of latest cutting-edge equipment.

LaPrin safety system

  • 1 Aseptic air shower system &
    Aseptic operating room

    We own aseptic air shower system,
    which is only available in large hospitals and
    specialized research facilities, to prevent the inflow of germs.
    In addition, Laprin's aseptic practices in the operating room
    completely blocks the entry of fine dust and germs into the air
    and automatic control system maintains the optimal temperature
    and humidity in the operating room.

  • 2 Real-time Monitoring &
    Emergency System

    For safety, patient’s heart rate, breathing, blood pressure,
    body temperature, and other vital signs are
    monitored in real time throughout the surgery.
    State-of-the-art monitoring equipments are available in
    all the operating rooms.
    We are equipped with rescue equipments to
    respond quickly and accurately to any emergencies
    that may occur despite the thorough preoperative screening.

  • 3 Clear-air system

    We own an air purification system to prevent infection
    through germs in the air and to maintain
    a pleasant operating environment.
    We take care to prevent any types of microbial contamination.
    Patient has given consent to post the image below.
    Attentive care is required as surgery can cause side effects
    such as bleeding, inflammation and infection depending
    on the individual.